"That cat is eating a mouse."

Translation:Ta kočka žere myš.

October 26, 2018

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previously DL said Tu myš žere kočka is the translation for "A cat is eating the mouse". 'The Czech answer statement is saying "The mouse is being eaten by the cat" and the English one is saying "A cat is eating the mouse." Czech is very different in this aspect'. Now I used it and DL didn't like it. I am just very confused. Pls, can somebody clarify?


What exactly did you answer here?


Thank you VladaFu for your time; my answer was: "Tu myš žere kočka" - in my original question I just quoted the explanation I got previously, which advised ".....Czech is very different in this aspect'."


Your answer would be correct for "The/A cat is eating THE mouse." because you wrote "TU myš".


Thank you very much VladaFu, now I get it. Really difficult language!! However, I enjoy very much the challenge :-)


why is "Ta kočka myš žere" wrong?


It makes the verb the focus. It would be more natural for "the mouse" and especially as "Ta kočka tu myš žere." - The cat is EATING the mouse.

Making the verb the focus for "a mouse" is much less natural but perhaps not impossible.

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