"What is her name?"

Translation:ʻO wai kona inoa?

October 26, 2018

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When do you use wai and when do you use aha


"Wai" for people or things closely related to people (like names), so it usually gets translated as "who", but as "what" for names. "Aha" for things, so I think it always gets translated as "what", but can't be used for names, I think.


I just looked up his her it in the dictionary and it is spelled kōna to my surprise


Technically, it can be kōna but it is not used really. I never hear it pronounced that way. The a-class kāna always has the kahakō, though. In Tahitian there is always the kahakō - tō 'u, tō 'oe, tō na, etc.


Ive never heard kona either.

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