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European Portuguese grammar, Brazilian accent?

Hello Duolingo. I've been learning European Portuguese independently for a while now and everything is going great. However the only people I have to practice with are Brazilians, so naturally I've been picking up elements of BP phonology (ie tendency towards open syllables, more Mora-timed, etc.) So my question is, how weird would it be to use European Portuguese grammar with a more Brazilian accent? Thanks for the Help!!

October 26, 2018

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Well I have the same problem and I could come along very well as in Brasil as in Portugal. As there is a large exchange between both cultures usually both will understand you well and just come up with a smile if you add an unusal expression. Sometimes I can switch more or less fast between both ways of pronouncation but at times I can't remember which word fits into which vocabulary. See it as a gift learning both ways at a time.

October 29, 2018
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