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"Dugaan ini dikatakan oleh profesor itu."

Translation:This guess is said by that professor.

October 26, 2018



The English translation is really akward :-(


"This guess was made by that professor"

You can't "say" a guess.


"Was stated" works ok too.


Duolingo, this is terrible English :( You need some more native English speakers to help with your poor English translations


I am a native English speaker, and this translation hardly makes sense!


I think 'assumption' as alternative to 'guess' should be considered correct as well


Indeed, 'to make an assumption' sounds more natural to my ears than 'to make a guess' - I'm not a native and I'm not sure if natives agree with me on this. So my question to a native: which is the most logical infinitive missing in 'to ... a guess'. I'd say to state. Are 'to do' and 'to make' passable here?

Although there is some nuance between assumption and guess.


You'd be fairly likely to "have" a guess. You could get away with "make" a guess, but it can feel a bit off. You would never, "do" a guess and most commonly you wouldn't use any of those, instead you'd just use guess as a verb.

A: "What did you do this week?" B: "Have a guess!" A: "Well, if I had to make a guess, I'd guess you probably sat on your arse all week and watched TV.


"This guess was made by that professor" seems better. I agree with joeldipops too


Maybe the professor guessed would be better


Good word-for-word translation, but unnatural-sounding in English.


"This conjecture was expressed by that professor." seems to be a more plausible translation.

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