I cannot delete a language from my account. Delete button stays grey and unclickable

The button to reset XP works, but the button to completely remove a language is greyed out and can't be clicked. The list of languages I am learning only seems to show the current language I am set to, so I assume it won't let me because I would need to switch to a language I don't want to delete first. The problem is when I do that it only shows in the list the language I am set to in that moment. I need to delete the English (level 1) course.

What I'm seeing:

October 27, 2018


That has always been impossible in Duolingo.

If you have courses for other base languages, you will have to switch to those and repeat the steps for deleting the course.
If only one language shows up in this screen, the "Remove" button will be disabled, and you will only be able to "Reset progress".

October 27, 2018

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October 27, 2018
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