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"Vypadáš stejně jako tvá matka."

Translation:You look the same as your mother.

October 27, 2018



I'm wondering why a form of svůj wasn't used here...I'm also wondering to what extent Czechs use svůj and if they don't often substitute other possessive pronouns. Because I have a feeling using svůj will end up being one of the hardest things for me lol


"Vypadáš jako svá matka."="You look like you are your own mother." Nobody can be their own mother.


Interesting...I would think it would mean 'You look like your (own) mother since there isn't a form of the verb to be, but I guess there's some grammatical nuance I'm missing.


Indeed, it does not mean literally the sentence I wrote, but the point is that if someone looks like "svá matka" it means he looks like he is his own mother, that is what svůj implies in this context.

You would use svůj like this: Jsi svým vlastním pánem. You are your own master.

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