"Hey Kaleo, turn on the light."

Translation:E Kaleo, e hoʻā i ke kukui.

October 27, 2018

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Just curious, why cant we address the person at the end of the sentence? Such as "Turn on the light, Kaleo" E ho‘ā i ke kukui, e Kaleo

It was not accepted though I thought this pattern was introduced earlier in a different unit and I'm pretty sure I hear kupuna address us at the end (except without the "e") such as "huui, e pani ka puka, pōhai. mahalo"


You can. They just made the answer mirror the prompt where the name starts it. You should report it that your answer should be accepted.


I've heard "open da light" - so, would e wehe i ke kukui be acceptable?


Open da light and close da light is pigion english


I put:- e kaleo e ho'a 'oe ma ke kukui. Why is this not ok?


Iʻm going way out on a limb here and welcome correction. It seems to me that when talking about location, ma and i are (more or less) interchangeable; but here i plays the role of object marker, which is a different function that ma canʻt fulfill.


Thank you for taking a go at it. I am still not sure. I went back to the DL dictionary again. I notice that all the examples of "i" are in the sentence "ho'a i ke kukui". Perhaps this is a standard phrase? Perhaps ho'a means turn on and then the "i" is the object marker. I think I need to get lessons lol.... perhaps find an online source or buy a text book. Mahalo e woa7dSD5.


Sort of unrelated but I love the sound of saying "E Kaleo" Imma move to Hawaii and change my name just so people say that to me

I know most of Hawaii doesn't speak Hawaiian

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