"Kucing hitam."

Translation:Black cat.

October 27, 2018

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Why is "The black cat" wrong?


I think "the black cat" is can be correct, coz word "the" can be interpreted or it can be ignored, the point is the same


Why is 'black cat' wrong?


Black cat is not wrong, it's the answer they gave. I don't know how it was one year ago when you wrote this.


Black Cat is 'kucing hitam'.

[deactivated user]

    Does this also mean "The/A cat is black."?


    Yes, they don't accept it here, but in some context, you can have "kucing hitam" translated as "a black cat", or "the black cat".

    Anyway, if it was in a sentence, you couldn't have only "black cat" in English, you would need an article. So both are valid translation.

    The black cat is beautiful = Kucing hitam itu cantik.
    I have a black cat = Saya punya kucing hitam.

    Thus, they should accept both.
    I reported it, as "the black cat" is still not accepted.
    But they do accept "a black cat". So it's probably a forgetting.


    I write black cat, and it gives an error, why?

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