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Day streak not conected between computer and ipad?

Hey all,

I had a couple day long streak using only my PC, yesterday I completed a revision/practise task and it gave me the XP and everything on my IPad but today (on my PC) my streak is at zero.

Are the two systems diffrent and to maintain it do I need to only use one?

Thanks, Ash

May 10, 2014



I don't know why that happened. I guess you should just use one system.


When I use my tablet, the day starts at a different time. I not sue when it switches, but if I do a lesson in the morning it still registers on yesterday. So if I want to maintain a streak with the tablet, I need to do a lesson in the afternoon or evening.


I don't think this is right, and I only mention it because I don't want you to accidentally lose your streak.
Both mobile apps and web versions of DL use a global clock to determine your DL day (this is based on the time zone you were in when you signed up for DL). The chart you see after completing a lesson (on web version, I'm not sure about mobile apps, but I may play around to find out), is based off your local computer time. This has nothing to do with maintaining your streak. Even if the line graph shows you got points for the day, it does not necessarily mean that you maintained your streak for the day. I believe the green check mark is reliable, but my local time is synced with my global DL time, so I've never tested this theory.


@tinnmel I hadn't considered that - Thank you both for the input. :)


If you are using 'coach' mode on your iPad, you must get a predetermined amount of (10-50 depending on the track you picked) XP each day to maintain your streak. If you get less than that, your streak is reset. Also, coach mode is language independent. This means you have to achieve your set amount of XP in each language in which you have coach mode turned on. The web streak (and iOs with coach turned off) is going to be maintained if you achieve any XP poiints in any language.
The time zones on both the iPad and the web will always be the same.


I don't use coach mode. Thank you though :)


Somehow I misread it as the other way around,
My second guess/question would be if you were offline (or perhaps had a bad interconnection). On the mobile apps, your points are only added when they sync up with DL. So, if you completed a lesson offline on Monday, but didn't get internet (or a good enough connection) until Tuesday, your points will count for Tuesday, not Monday.
If that's not the case, I'll keep thinking, or you can email Support on the left of the screen. Also, you may have better luck getting a DL employee if you move this discussion to Troubleshooting (edit, post troubleshooting).


Thanks alot - I think you're right regarding poor internet connection.


I can't login on website with same id/password that I set up on iPhone app. There was no login button only set up new. Any thoughts. Sent request to support but no answer.


There is a login button on the top right of the screen when you are logged out. From there you can use an email/password combination in order to log in with the same account you signed up on the iPhone with. Let me know if this doesn't work for you!


I'm having a similar problem. On my phone I apparently have 15 days streak. When completing a lesson, it says I have 43, both on my phone and on computers.


On Saturday I have lost my long German streak as I had to use the desktop version once:( There is something with network or software. First I saw on my iPad screen that everything is OK, but later my credits disappeared.


I have been experiencing the same problem.

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