"Gevȳro dāriot glaesāt!"

Translation:You live in a beautiful kingdom!

October 27, 2018

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how to know the difference between kingdom and queen?


Yes it's quite ambiguous sometimes. Dāriot can mean Kingdom in dative and locative singular but also Queen in dative singular. I can not imagine the verb to live to take an accusative or dative object so it's quite clear that in this sentence it's the locative and therefore can only be kingdom. And also the context makes it clear. (Well you could say to a baby: "You live in a beautiful queen!" if it is not born yet) :D


For example here is a sentence that would not be clear without context:

Dohaeriros dārio iksan.


I am the queen's servant? or the kingdom's...


Issa. Both sentences make sense, don't they?


In that case, a High Valerian person would think of the Queen and the kingdom as being the same, wouldn't they?


I don't think so. Queen's and Kingdom's are quite different things


No, it would be just ambiguous. You don't think a sport match is the same thing as a wooden match, do you?


Why gevȳro? In the notes, the example given for the prepositive form was

Terrestrial/Aquatic: gevȳr (SG), gevȳ (PL)

Based on that, I would have expected the sentence to be Gevȳr dāriot glaesāt!

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