"Your people are looking for water."

Translation:Vaši lidé hledají vodu.

October 27, 2018

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I curse the Collins dictionary that does not give me the gender even of lidé: n pl. What the?


I don't know if this will be helpful,but the declension table for "člověk" is available at this link (if you haven't already found it)... https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%C4%8Dlov%C4%9Bk


"Vaše osoby hledají vodu" is wrong, why?


That sounds very strange. It is like "Your persons are looking for water."


But because of the "Vasi" you can ascertain it's nom. pl. masculine animate, correct? My dictionary didn't give me a gender either.


no, it is not gender-specific


So either Vase or Vasi could be correct? How does one make a choice with Lidy if there is no context? Or is the masculine the default position in these situations?


No it was just a brain fart, I somehow thought you were implying the gender of people the people in question belong to. Vaši is the same if the you is men or women. But you obviously asked for the grammatical gender of the word "lidé".


Diky! Re. brain farts, I've had a million of them during this class!


i will agree with you. in the nominative, only the plural animate masculine form ends in "i".


The hints give hledat -- the infinitive? From this and other passing instances, I'm thinking it would be quite useful if the infinitive construct were introduced, formally, rather earlier in the course. Thanks for considering.

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