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Hindi tattoo pls help??

I'm at level 14 on my Hindi course and I really love it, I love the devanagri abugida too and I wanted to tattoo a sentence, but not a normal one, a sentence that I wrote with my own hands and with my little knowledge of Hindi. I thought about this one

मैं लोगों की आंखों में खुशी देखता हूँ, और यह अंधे होने की तरह है। खुशी पूर्णता और जीवन है।

(I see happiness in people's eyes, and it's like being blind. Happiness is fullness and life.)

Can anyone tell me if it's right? Because I wrote it basing on my level 14 knowledge of Hindi, but I'm not 100% sure if I wrote it good. Pls answer ❤️

October 27, 2018



Hi! :D You should write:

"मैं लोगों की आँखों में खुशी देखता हूँ, और यह अंधा होने की तरह है। खुशी पूर्णता और जीवन है।"


Oh ok, so the word for ''eye'' has the candrabindu and not the anusvar and when we have a compund verb with adj+verb like "to be blind = andha hona'' the verb is the only part that takes the oblique case and becomes inthis case ''andha hone'', is it right?


Perfect explanation! :D


I ran it through Google Translate (I know, that's not the most credible of sources ), and it comes out as "I see happiness in people's eyes, and it is like being blind. Happiness is perfection and life". It translates excellently, but I can't say for sure how correct it is. I would guess, however, that by Level 14 I'm convinced one would have the sentence structure down, although it varies by language.


Yes, I have the sentence structure down but I've seen that Hindi has a lot of exceptions and ways to say so I wanted to be sure


Sounds good to me


I'm a native speaker


Yesss dhanyavaad mera bhai


I dunno wish I could help.


Translation wise it is correct, but it loses its poetic touch and meaning. You may look at lines below, it more or less conveys your sentiment: मैं लोगो की आँखों में ख़ुशी ढूंढता हूँ, यह अंधे होने की तरह है | ख़ुशी सम्पन्नता है, खुश रहना ही जीवन है |

It is written from the perspective of a male speaker, you may want to change it for women. (I am a native speaker)


ढूंढना you mean ''to search''? I was looking for that verb when I wrote this but i couldn't find it... and what does खुश रहना ही जीवन है mean? I've haven't seen this kind of tense yet...

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