"Ini bagian saya."

Translation:This is my part.

October 27, 2018

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The audio for the sentence gives bagian with a hard g sound "g," but hovering over the word itself gives a soft g sound "j." Is one pronunciation preferred, is one a mistake, or are both options equal?


Bagian is supposed to be pronounced like G in Games, and that is how you pronounce G in Indonesian language.


What kind of part is meant there?


Bagian usually refers to a person's share or portion; hence, not a role or job, etc.


I am trying to work out when thus would be used..can you please give an example, many thanks


Bagian is mostly used to say "part" like for example when your family ordered a box of pizza and you come home late and you can only found the box without no pizza and you ask them "where's my part?". Meanwhile part as in jobs, "bagian" is not usually used.


Can i say 'ini bagian milik saya?'


Although not really correct, what you said means closer to "this part is mine" rather than "this is my part", so it might be different from what Duolingo tries to say here. Anyway, "bagian ini milik saya" would be more correct. But if you speak like that to natives, they would definitely understand you, and it's not totally wrong because even native speakers sometimes say it that way in daily conversation. But it's not really correct grammatically. In English, you would say "this part" but in Indonesian, it's the other way around, you say "bagian ini". Just like "beautiful girl" means "gadis cantik", in Indonesian the adjective generally comes after the object.


Thank you for your help

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