I'm afluent spanish and english speaker and I'm noticing that many of the high point total translations from the web have just been run through generic web translators. These are often times incorrect but since the person was the first to translate it marks my translation as incorrect. Is there any way to report these or have them flagged?

April 6, 2012


I'm American, and neither sweetcorn nor maize would be in my normal vocabulary. I believe those words apply to what I would call "corn".

I find I get translations wrong as I am English not American e.g. Sweetcorn for maize.

The easiest way to do it would be to rate the translation accordingly and if possible suggest an edit to the author of the translation.

@silverapricot. 'Corn' in British English traditionally refers to whatever cereal crop is most commonly grown in that area, so it can mean 'oats' in parts of Scotland or 'wheat' or 'barley' in England etc - this is how it came to mean 'Sweetcorn/Maize' in the US, because that was the most plentiful crop for English settlers.

The main issue is that the first person to translate a sentence from any laguage to english automaticaly is assumed as a correct translation. When a second person translates the sentence in a different manner (in some cases the correct manner) it is marked as incorrect.

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