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Pronunciation of vin

Is the computer voice saying the word 'vin' correctly? When I learned French, I was taught that words ending in '-in' sound almost like 'an' in English, except with a nasal 'n', so 'vin' would sound almost like the English word 'van'. But in the lessons, it sounds like 'vawn' (using English 'phonetic' spelling). Which is right?

July 11, 2012



@weerlicht - I'm not sure using part of a vowel sound from "leigh" is going to be helpful to English speakers. "Leigh" can be pronounced "lee", "lay", "lie" ... . If you know how to say "20" in French, you already know how to pronounce "vin" correctly. The only region in France where I've heard a difference, is in the Midi. They tend to roll the "n" off into a faint "g", like the first syllable in "English". "C'est bien[g]", "Le vin[g]", but they do that with "vingt" too and sound the silent "g". The "t" in "20" is only pronounced in liaison (e.g. vingt-et-un) or in "22", "29", etc. Certainly never "vent".


That sounds like wind to me. Perhaps .... er, no I won't go there.


@wtielke: pls stick to 1km's examples, they are perfect : 'vin' = '20'



"v" as you'd expect

"i" like the "ei" in "leigh"

"n" is not pronounced at all (not even if followed by a word starting with a vowel)


Exactly. It sounds like it is pronouncing ''vin" as if it were" vent".


I'm with 1km on this - I've never heard it pronounced 'von' in France - and I've bought quite a lot of it!

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