Duolingo streak reset to zero?!

Hi, I had a 60 day streak yesterday (Thursday 10/26/2018). I got the daily goal diamond award and the level finished award too ( there were three levels). My daily goal was set to 30XP and I got those XP’s. But today my streak was gone and the progress for yesterday says that my goal wasn’t completed. Can this issue be resolved please. I worked really hard to keep that streak going.

October 27, 2018

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Your daily goal is set to 30 XP.
Please, have a look at your "Daily Goal" graph on

General tips

Unfortunately, Duolingo's servers can be very slow in synchronizing the data on your device and the databases on their servers.


1) Never log out Duolingo or your device before you have forced the synchronisation:

  • App:
    Select another course in the App
    Tap the flame icon to check if it still shows "You've met your daily goal"

    Refresh your browser

2) Check the synchronisation in your unofficial but very useful progress page

3) More tips in
"Checked on your Streak freeze today?"

October 28, 2018
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