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"Which of those twenty-one men is their cousin?"

Translation:Který z tamhletěch dvaceti jedna mužů je jejich bratranec?

October 27, 2018



Why isn't jedna in the genitive case in this sentence? There was a similar example that had dvaceti dvou...


That is what we used for numbers ending with "jedna".

nom., acc., dvacet jedna mužů

gen. dvaceti jedna mužů

dat. dvaceti jedna mužům

loc. dvaceti jedna mužích

inst. dvaceti jedna muži

It is jedna all the time.


Got it. Makes sense.


Ktery a tech dvceti jedna muzu je jejich bratranec - can you explain why, when 'tech' has been acceptable for 'those' throughout these exercises, this sentence needs 'tamhletech'?


Který Z těch dvAceti... is accepted


(Can I use tamtech instead of tamhletech ? ) and is ( dvaceti jeden muzu an alternative to dvaceti jedna muzu? ) Thanks in Advance for your asstance.


You can use tamtěch. However, "dvaceti jeden" is incorrect. An alternative genitive does exist, and would be "dvaceti jednoho muže", but I do not think you can use it in this kind of question. It is not used too much at all.

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