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"75 cents"

Translation:Hastą́ą́ yáál

October 28, 2018



Hello it will take hasta'a' yaal. Same encoding error but for hastaa not yaal.


It's April 29th 2021 and they haven't fixed this.


Doesn't hastáá mean 6?


a previous comment on "naaki yáál said yáál is bits and two bits is 25 cents so I guess six bits is 75 cents. The math adds up!


As a native English speaker too young to remember regional American English of 150 to 200 years ago, I wonder if yáál reflects a common use of "bits" among English speakers for 12.5-cent fractions of a dollar, back in the day, even beyond the stereotypical "shave and a haircut - two bits!". Was there, perhaps, even a bitcoin (lower case)?

6 mo. later, noticed Wiktionary says yáál derives from the old Spanish coin the real (like English "royal"). Maybe it was the original "bit", worth 12.5 cents? Reminds me that America's "dollar" comes from another European coin, the early Dutch Taler. Of course, the Navajo word for a dollar comes, similarly, from the Spanish Peso. Aside from fun for nerds like me, maybe such trivia helps us remember the words...


Thanks for the info. Thhelped a lot.


I don't think it's nerdy to take an interest in the origins of a language. It helps remember the words, as jtaylor162 pointed out, but it also gives insights to culture and ways of thinking.


It seems that Duo has Polish ą with acute instead of á with nasal hook. The difference is that nasal hook is centered: ą vs ą́

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