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Repeating Basics 2

If I start Basics 2 and don't complete it, when I come back to continue, it starts from the beginning. Is this what is supposed to happen?

July 11, 2012



That's what happens for everyone, on all the lessons. In my opinion, they should save your progress in a lesson. I've accidentally closed the window before; it's pretty annoying.


I've had my browser freeze a few times in a lesson and I have to start the lesson over when I refresh it, but the lessons themselves are not that long so it isn't too much of a problem. All the practice helps


Sure, repetition reinforces, but you can always refresh mastered/learned skills, and do the practices etc. Don't need every little thing to be repeated.


Heh, I've done that as well Shim - about one or two questions away from finishing. Well, what can I say, repetition reinforces.

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