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PDFs for French below. Follow the same file naming convention for the PDFs for other languages.







October 28, 2018


Thanks for the link . I needed to search for the longer sentences and I've found some easily . 3 mn long, not to long nor boring , a good practice to hear the language quietly . We're suppose to repeat what's being said during the pause, are we ?

October 28, 2018

Yes, repeating the phrases, especially out loud, speeds up learning. And if you're not shy about speaking out loud in public, it may attract those that speak the language for conversation partners. I've heard that the biggest obstacle to learning a language is getting over the apprehension of speaking.

I see you're interested in many languages. Notice that under "SELECT THE LANGUAGE YOU’RE LEARNING:" there are many more language .mp3s available.

Bon courage et bonne chance!

October 28, 2018

Practicing in the bus or the subway, some people are already tired of hearing other people conversations on the phone , what would they think of an out-loud foreign language exercice ? :))

The choices of the available languages are indeed interesting .

Bonne continuation à toi aussi ;)

October 28, 2018

I was thinking more of speaking as one walks through the park for exercise - it was a method used by a polyglot to teach his students. Not in a confined space. Je suis d'accord.

October 28, 2018

Hello Is it free ?

October 28, 2018

Yes, it's free.

  1. First select the language you're interested in under "SELECT THE LANGUAGE YOU’RE LEARNING:"

  2. Then click on the download links under each level to download the .mp3 files.

October 28, 2018


Yes, you can freely download the ZIPs with all the MP3s.

However, there are no text scripts (PDF) or English translations available, only the native language!

October 28, 2018

Multiple languages have multiple levels available:

Here is a table list what target languages included up to levels 3, or even 4-5.

However, I wish there would be text scripts (PDF) or English translations available, and not only the target language (audio)!

October 28, 2018 at least provides additionally a download text PDF file.

100 days free courses from do also provide the English translation in parallel (or whatever base/source language you choose, e.g German) AND text scripts on their app, webpage or a printed book (Book2).

Those "50 languages" free courses are also available on Memrise as user-created courses, so you can read the text and repeat the translations into the target language within spaced repetition (SR) intervals.

I think they are great if you want to dabble into a target language and you need some phrases...some sentences (even for my Portuguese) are not too easy, especially if you use "all typing" (no multiple-choice!) on the Memrise web portal!

October 28, 2018
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