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October 28, 2018



But you attack people who go and miss their lessons!!!


Is it not aavo, but aao . Though I felt like former.


It is jaa'o but when you have back-to-back vowel sounds in Hindi, some people (especially in some dialects) insert a helper consonant (य or व) in between while pronouncing making it jaavo. That is what you're hearing.


Just typed 'Get lost' for this as an translation (for fun) and waited for the obvious red color dialog box to pop up...

But isn't the expression of translation almost the same ?


It doesn't have the sting of 'Get lost'. 'दफ़ा हो जाओ' is a better fit for that.


Jaa jaa, te mulke na aa! Go, go, and never come back!

This is something my Pakistani friends taught me, they say it sometimes as a joke when someone leaves. Does anyone know if this expression is also used in Hindi? If yes, do you know how to write "te mulke na" in devanagari?


I think that is Punjabi which is different from Hindi/Urdu.

'te' would translate to और (and) in Hindi. I don't know what 'mulke' means in Punjabi but from the context, I am guessing it is मुड़के (turn back). So the sentence would be जा, जा, और मुड़के मत आ। (Go, go and don't come back).

Note that the sentence uses the तू -forms of the words which is the lowest level of formality.


Wow thanks a lot for these explanations and for the translation in Hindi! I thought that sentence was Urdu, but after reading your comment I checked with my friends and indeed, that is Punjabi. Actually, they are from Punjab. They also told me that "mulke" means "return" and that "te" means "then". So your guesses were really good!

And indeed they only use this sentence as a joke with very good friends because the level of formality is the lowest, as you said.

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