"I have never spoken about this."

Translation:O tomhle jsem nikdy nemluvila.

October 28, 2018

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Is nikdy always between jsem and the past tense verb? And are the tips and hints becoming available for the Android phone app?


No, it is not. Ask Duolingo for the mobile tips.


Do I get it correct, that jsem is used here to explicitly indicate the first person? Because otherwise nemluvila would be counted as third person. I.e. she have never spoken about this.


Please see the Tips and notes how the compound past tense is formed in Czech. The participle is gendered according to the gender of the speaker.

A man: Nemluvil jsem.

A woman: Nemluvila jsem.

The first person is indicated by the auxiliary verb "jsem" which is "jsi" in the second person and is ommited in the third person.

Note that Czech has several kinds of participles and we use the -l participle for the past tense.


Why do you have to use tomhle in this sentence, and not tomto? (I said: nikdy jsem nemluvil o tomto, and it is marked wrong)


The problem is in the word order, not in tomto

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