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"Tes enfants écrivent un livre."

Translation:Your children are writing a book.

April 2, 2013



His children must be pretty talented


And I am here trying to learn french lol


Haha that what i was about to say!:)


These kids are amazing lmao


While children write book, i am still thinking about what to write.


Is there any difference in the sound of "tes" and "des" ? I thought I heard "Des enfants écrivent un livre" but it was actually wrong b/c it was "Tes enfants..."


I think it's a matter of practice. In this case, we studying possessives, so tes would be logical. I hope that you returned to the sentence to listen to it again.


Thanks for your answer! What you say is true if you're studying possessives only, but not if you're practicing random previously learned skills. Regardless of this, I was asking besides what we do here in Duolingo and more towards an understanding of the differences in the sounds of these 2 words for real life conversations.

I agree it's a matter of practice and now I'm able to tell the difference a little bit more accurate than 3 weeks ago. Thanks again and let's keep it up! :)


I hope that my quick answer didn't sound rude. The audio is terrible. If it were a random sentence, not a study of possessives, I could see where someone would hear a d instead of a t.


Oh no, not at all my friend! I think I can tell the difference now. It's just a matter of practice, as most things are with languages and listening :) Have a nice day!


Maybe you could try listening for the pronouncation through google translate



According to this link, there shouldn't be a liaisong between "enfants" and "écrivent" since it's a Sujet + Verbe form. Is this one of those cases where Duolingo pronunciation is faulty?


i am wondering the liaisong as well. Anyway, thanx for duolingo and your link.


Indeed there should not be a 'liaison' there.


"Your kids write a book" - what is wrong with this answer, I have made this 'mistake' too many times to not ask this question now! Any help appreciated!!


If this were a statement to two parents about their one child would it be "Tes enfant..."? Or can "your child" be the same, as in English, to mean two people with one child "Ton enfant..."

I hope my question makes sense. It is hard to describe the concept I'm thinking of so clearly. LOL Merci for your help.


If you were speaking to two parents with one child you would say "votre enfant." If you were speaking to two parents with multiple children you'd say "vos enfants"


the recording sounds pretty dodgey. "Un" sounds like "La" unless you slow it down.


enfants = kids why is that a problem ?


What is the difference between "tes" and "vos" since they are both both plural??


Tes is the unformal form, but vos is a more polite form used to refer to strangers, colleagues or people whom you have no close, personal relationship


and "vos" is also used when talking to more than one person about more than one possession.


Apparently saying "your kids" instead of "your children" is unacceptable


how to know is enfant or enfants?


If it was enfant, it had to have "ton" at the beginning instead of "tes". Just like articles, you have to pay attention to these determiners carefully.


So is vos more formal than tes? Is this the only difference between the two?


Not the only difference, "tu, ton, ta, tes" is used for familiar AND singular 2nd person, "vous, votre, vos" is used for formal singular, OR plural 2nd person.


These kids are amazing lmao


Децата очевидно са много талантливи!


If you were talking to their parents it would be " Vos " but here we use tes and I think both are correct


Those are some smart children.


Enfants means children, they could be 30 or 40 and still someone's children


When does one use ta vs tes?


The possessive adjective ending matches the possessions gender and number, so a feminine noun would have "ta" in front of it and a plural noun would have "tes" in front of it. "ton garçon, ta fille, tes enfants". The possessive for the vous form uses "votre garçon, votre fille, vos enfants". http://french.about.com/od/grammar/ss/subjectpronouns.htm#step3 http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/adjectives_possessive.htm


why isn't "écrivent" and "un" slurred to sound like "écrive tun"? Like the slurring with "Tes" and "enfants" to produce the "z" sound.


Why is was used écrivent instead of écrivez? Thanks


"Tes enfants" are the ones writing here, which need a 3rd person plural verb, hence ecrivent.


That's vos, not vous. Both tes and vos would be correct in this case.


Your children write a book underaged


How would we tell the difference (in audio) between Tes enfants ecrivent and Te enfant ecrive ? Or would the second example not even be grammatically correct?


by telling the difference of tes and ta(ton). there is no such thing of 'te' and even there is it will sounds differently anyway


Actually the second one is wrong, you'd say "Ton enfant écrit.".

Écrit is the right form for 3rd person singular, and for the possessive of the formal you, we have the 3 words, ton/ta/tes. Whenever a singular noun starts with a vowel, you use the masculine form regardless of the object's gender, so in this case we use ton.


I've practiced different languages in DL and in most of them books are being written like letters


Do they write together? Because that's a book books... And it's not like the 39 clues book series where every book is written by a different author...


How to they write a book? Its really hard to write a book together because they all must agree about the idea which is hard


So what would be "Your children wrote a book"?


How you differentiate the pronounciation of "un" and "et".?because they sound pretty much the same??


The children can write a book and here i am struggling to write a word


To my ear, it sounded like "Tes enfants etrieve luna livre." When I play it in slow mode, all the words (save 'tes,' which does not have the liason with enfants) comes through clearly. Is this (to my ear) how the sentence would actually be spoken in French?


I find duolingo hard going because nowhere does it tell you what tes means. You just have to wirk it out


Why isnt it votre instead of tes?


Votre is formal. Tes is informal. So if it's someone you didn't know, and you wanted to address them formally, you would say 'votre.' But if it's a friend and you wish to address them informally, you would use the 'tu' form, which in this case is 'tes.' I think here, the assumption is that someone who is commenting about someone else's children knows the people to whom he/she is addressing, so the informal 'tu' form is appropriate.


Difference of Tes, Vos, Votre?


My friends are not in love with french, and practice makes perfect, i got no one to conversate with me


What is the diffrance bitween tu ton ta and tes?


tes ta ton how are they diffrent?


All of them mean the same - "your", only difference is in the usage with gender and singular/plural contexts.

ton (sing. masc.) ta (sing. fem.) tes (plural)

e.g. a. I love your brother (masc obj.) ~ je adore ton frere b. I love your daughter (fem. obj.) ~ Je adore ta fille c. I love your children (plural obj) ~ Je adore tes enfants

Hope that helps!


Do we say the s in "tes" and "enfants" because the following letter after both words are vowels??


"Tes" sounds exactly like "Des". No matter how much I listen to it. Without the sentance being written as well as spoken, I would of wrote "Children are writing a book" which would make perfect sense but would be wrong.


Silly question but have read conflicting uses of this Are 'Ton' masculine and 'Tes' feminine


your children writes a book - why not?

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