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  5. "क्या वह तुम्हारा बेटा है?"

"क्या वह तुम्हारा बेटा है?"

Translation:Is he your son?

October 28, 2018



"Is this your son?" should also be accepted


It would be “क्या या तुम्हारा बेटा है।”.


you are right. Although you probably mean यह instead of या


I do indeed. Thanks for correcting that.


No, she's just a girl who claims that I am the one. But the kid is not my son.


literally listened to that song right before doing this exercise haha


Why "Is that your son?" is incorrect?


Is he is your son is right because it tells that is he your son there no meaning in this


Is this an impolite way of saying it?

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It depends. तुम is intermediate in formality between तू and आप. So, the given sentence would not be considered impolite if you were talking to someone who is around the same age as you or younger.

However, if you are addressing someone who is significantly older than you, in a position of authority or is a stranger who you want to be very formal with, you would say क्या वह आपका बेटा है?

If you want to tack on some formality to the son as well (if you are a teenager talking to an old lady about her adult son for instance), you would say क्या वे आपके बेटे हैं?


Why can't it be translated to "is that your child"? In English, we might specify gender (by saying son) or leave it neutral (by saying child). Just because the gender is specified in Hindi, it shouldn't make a more neutral translation incorrect, should it?

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There is a separate word for 'child' - बच्चा/बच्ची.


Why isn't it 'tere' beta? Or rather, how do you know when to use Tumhara rather than tere?

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'Tere' is used when the word that follows is plural. Since 'beta' is singular, you need to use 'tera'.

The choice between tera, tumhara and aapka is made based on formality/level of intimacy. Tera is used only for very close friends and family who are about the same age as yourself, tumhara is used for most people of your age or younger and aapka is used for people older than you or when you're being formal.

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