Numbers 2

I am unable to complete this section. Asked for Czech translation for 'a number' which I correctly answer as 'cislo'. Duolingo responds as incorrect and corrects my answer as 'cislo' - exactly the same as my answer. This keeps happening so am unable to get past this section. Any advice on what to do much appreciated

October 28, 2018


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but are you writing cislo or číslo?

It is not a stupid question but I am writing cislo without the accents as I do not have access to a Czech keyboard on my phone. However I have been doing this for months and have never had a problem as Duolingo always accepts my Czech text without the accents so I am thinking that the cislo problem is nothing to do with accents?

It is very easy to install a Czech keyboard to a smartphone. You should definitely do it. Extremely easy in fact. I even have and use keyboards like old cyrillic, glagolitic, classical greek. Just choose a package in the Apple or Google marketplace and install.

No, Duolingo will NOT accept Czech without proper diacritics (háček ˇ is not an accent). Sometimes it will accept it as a typo, but often not.

Without the accent your answer is wrong. c and č are completely different letters.

I think I must have been lucky as I have been using Czech Duolingo for a few months now without any problems without using diacritics. Would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction for installing a Czech keyboard on my iPhone as I have been unable to find any apps that do this. Many thanks

A quick search said to open an app that uses a keyboard and click on the world or smiley icon and touch and hold it and keyboard settings will come up. I have an old ipad and it was under settings-general-keyboards.

Thats great, got it, many thanks

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