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Unable to complete Spanish Basics I and Basics II

I've completed the first three lessons of Basics I and the first four lessons of Basics II, and now the only options available to me in those courses is a manila envelope for "Real World Translations". I click on that, and the translations are way too complex for me to translate right now. I see two more lessons under Basics I and one more under Basics II that are grayed out and locked. How do I access those?

April 2, 2013



I assume that this problem has been "fixed" by the new language tree design?


I am reading through this discussion. I have the same problem - all the lessons past level 5 are locked - how can I unlock them?


You can hover over categories to see what things you need to complete first. It looks like you need to complete Prepositions before you can move to Time. I'm not sure what you mean with "lessons past level 5". Your level represents the amount of coins you have earned and doesn't limit your ability to progress on the tree.


I now have the new language tree and this is no longer an issue for me.

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