"Tomat itu buah."

Translation:Tomato is a fruit.

October 28, 2018

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Just consulted a real Indonesian and they confirmed that tomat itu buah is correct

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tomat itu should be the tomat or that tomat..


This sentence would be better written as, Tomat adalah buah. I doubt Indos would say, Tomat itu buah.


Agreed! In previous lessons, this structure would have meant "that tomato is ____" like a color etc.

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    Actually, according to the Supreme Court case of Nix v. Hedden (1893) they (the Judges) unanimously decided that the Tomato should be classified as a vegetable. Pls fix.


    user is deactivated but anyway, just to say that in culinary terms tomatoes are vegetables, but in biological terms they are fruit. the term vegetable is only used in culinary situations, not biological. There are no biological vegetables (cabbages are mainly leaves, pumpkins are fruits, radishes are roots)


    Kenapa? Apa tomat bukan sayur?

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