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The Czech Republic and Slovakia celebrate 100 years since the founding of independent Czechoslovakia

Today, on October 28, the Czech Republic and Slovakia celebrate 100 years since the founding of independent Czechoslovak state.

You can read more about the events 100 years ago on Wikipedia: (in Czech) or about the history of Czechoslovakia in general (in English).

Or you can follow the news about today's celebrations on Czech Radio - Radio Prague website (in English). Or watch the live broadcasting of Czech TV (in Czech).

Or listen to this magnificent rendition of Bedřich Smetana's "Má vlast" ('My Homeland') from 1990 by Rafael Kubelík. (with the Presidential Fanfares and the Czech and Slovak national anthems at the beginning) (on YouTube).

Happy Independent Czechoslovak State Day!

October 28, 2018



Preji vam vseho nejlepsiho k tomuto svatku, a at' se nekdy zase spojite jako cela vlast!


Thank you for your kind wishes, but we will probably never be one country again. I don't even think, someone want it to. We have two languages, we have two republics and it is all right this way. :)

Slováci u nás studují a pracují, my k nim jezdíme na dovolené a nemám pocit, že by někdo veřejně řešil opětovné spojení.


Quite a great historical event. One of Google's Doodles today honors this anniversary. https://www.google.com/doodles/100th-anniversary-of-czechoslovakia


Deki vam..now watching


It's "děkuji vám" or other variations :-)


I recommend the yesterday's Smetana's opera Libuše. https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/12398626946-bedrich-smetana-libuse

Possibly geolocked to Czechia.


"Litujeme, tento obsah není kvůli omezeným autorským právům dostupný na vašem území". As far as I understand it, that's a yes. Edit: Atleast for Germany.


There is a problem with copyright, I cannot access it in the Netherlands either :/


On Vitkov hill i saw this summer a puppeteer performing Libuse to 3-5 year olds..It was amazing.


V Rusku se take neda nahrat...


I saw a lot of different activities for the anniversary and attended some events. On a related note does anyone know of a book in English about Masaryk? I am interested in learning more about him and this time. I'd like a little more than just articles but all the books I have seen have been in Czech that is beyond my ability.


Why to exclude modern media? His 1929 Fox interview quite surprised me

https://youtu.be/r2tC5fPdE8M?t=45 (7 minutes)


I am not excluding it of course. I will check this out. I really like to read and was looking for something to read too.


Talks with T.G.M. is a classic by a classic writer.


The movie version is in a cinema near me. I will have to look for the book. I am currently reading Tales From Two Pockets by Čapek.


I only have Fenomen Masaryk..a Narodni Muzeum catalogue..to a 2017 exhibition...took me ages to find..is in CZ and English.


Ok, a bit late, but I like the Honest Guide YouTube channel and they had a live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_pH-b3i99s


It was raining cats and dogs, but they were there..Czech television more or less ingnored it.

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