"हाथी बड़े हैं ।"

Translation:The elephants are big.

October 28, 2018

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Masculine Nouns -If the noun ends with आ aa then drop the आ aa and add ए e. -If not then the word doesn’t change at all!

Feminine Nouns: -If the noun ends with ई ee then drop the ई ee and add इयाँ iyaan. -If not then simply add एँ en to the end!

From https://www.learning-hindi.com/post/1042765159/lesson-39-nouns-part-2-the-plural-case


जी, हाथी बहुत बडे हैं।


हाथी means elephant and हाथियं means elphants right ?


No. हाथी is a male noun and as such would remain हाथी when pluralised.

You will sometimes see the plural form written as हाथियाँ. This type of construction is only used for female nouns (eg: बिल्ली - बिल्लियाँ) so हाथियाँ is technically incorrect.

In the oblique(possessive) case, you use हाथियों but this has to be followed by a postposition like के, से, में etc. (Eg: हाथियों के पैर बड़े होते हैं )


तिमी टा हाटी हो


A few questions I saw didn't make sense but this one makes the most sense

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