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  5. "wutlh waw' chegh ghoqwI'."

"wutlh waw' chegh ghoqwI'."

Translation:The spy returns to the underground base.

October 28, 2018



I'm so confused that sometimes adjectives come before nouns and sometimes after. Is there a rule?


Verbs that modify nouns come after the nouns they modify. Nouns that modify other nouns come before the nouns they modify.

wutlh and waw' are both nouns. wa' is a base. A wutlh waw' is an underground base.


Thanks, that is very helpful. Not nearly as confusing as the exceptions in a real language--like Spanish! The odd times adjectives come before nouns there are very annoying...


There is actually a rule for it in Spanish (an adjective before the noun is more intrinsic to the noun and after the noun is just a current condition), though there are still plenty of examples that seem like exceptions to me. Sometimes I feel like Klingon is too logical and regular, more like I would expect Vulcan to be. But I'm not complaining - it certainly makes learning Klingon and speaking it easier.

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