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  5. "यह मेरी गली है।"

"यह मेरी गली है।"

Translation:This is my street.

October 28, 2018



Ticket हो या न हो यह गाड़ी चल पड़ी =D (my younger sister grew up watching Galli Galli Sim Sim/Sesame Street and the theme is honestly so catchy???)


what is the difference between सड़क and गली?

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सड़क is a 'road' on which you drive your cars. गली is a 'street' that is typically narrower than a सड़क and has houses on either side.


And how does "रस्ता" fit in here? (I grew up in a state where hindi was a second/third language, so didn't really learn it formally, and so don't know the minute differences between the words) On a side note, when I thought of this question, I was reminded of the song "जाने कौनसा रस्ता" by The Aryans ;)

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It is an alternate form of 'रास्ता'. It can be used as 'road' (in a way synonymous with sadak) but the more common use is as 'path'/'way' and in talking about directions. It is also used when you are speaking metaphorically (eg: स्वर्ग का रस्ता - road to heaven)

Eg: हमें ताजमहल का रस्ता बताइए (Tell us the directions to the Taj Mahal).
मेरा रास्ता मत रोखो (Don't block my way)
सफलता का रस्ता परिश्रम से होकर जाता है (The path to success goes through hard work)


सड़क means road and गली means street


Isn't गली more like a lane or ally?

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