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  5. "I have a donkey."

"I have a donkey."

Translation:Shi télii bee hólǫ́.

October 28, 2018



Should be: [Shí] télii shee hólǫ́


what is the role of the "shee"?



Word for word: donkey with-me there-is.

Shi télii bee hólǫ́ is non sensical. Or maybe: shitélii bee holǫ́: he has my donkey.

[deactivated user]

    I've just been looking at Wiktionary's list of postpositions (this course doesn't teach sh*t when it comes to grammar) and it occurs to me that all postpositions agree with person and number. Much like how Irish Gaelic prepositions do! It'd be great if postpositions had their own course :(


    this is NOT how you say I have a donkey.


    Why is bee needed in this case and not in: Shi magí hó lÓ....which is the same except in this example it's a monkey...just wondering...also i don't have the proper O on my keyboard..

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