"You live and learn."

Translation:Tu vivi e impari.

April 2, 2013



I don't think it is wrong. From my understanding "ed " is used mostly when there are two vowels before and after the conjunction "and." I think there is a stylistic and regional variation to this but I would have thought your answer to be correct and suggest that you consider reporting it.

April 2, 2013


Why not - vivete e imparate

November 28, 2014


Perhaps "vivete ed imparate"

January 25, 2015


That's what I put, and it was marked wrong as well.

March 31, 2015


Any reason why vivete e imparete wasn't accepted?

August 5, 2014


Perhaps "imparate"...it must be correct.

January 25, 2015


"Vivete" is for the plural, "Vivi" is for the singular

September 7, 2018


Why is vivi e apprendi not correct ?

August 20, 2014


why is ed wrong here please

April 2, 2013


I do not believe it is wrong. You can view my post here about 'la d eufonica'


October 24, 2014


OK, so just to be clear: "vivi ed impari" is ... wrong? - not frequently used? - cacophonic? (I cannot seem to find your post via the link, sorry)

February 11, 2019


Because "ed" stays only beteween two words that start with vowels.

September 7, 2018


All these comments so far are concerned with possible correct translation of "you live and learn" but what I would like to know is: is this also a common proverb in Italian? In which case what is the usual way of saying the proverb in Italian?

August 20, 2018


I also suspected that it was a proverb; but would like to hear from someone who knows for fact...

August 6, 2019


I will report it. Thanks for the explanation, Chris

January 5, 2014


What about "vivendo s'impara"... why not?

November 28, 2014


I assumed you was singular and entered tu vive e impara

December 28, 2014


if this statement is being told to a single person, then it will be "tu vivi e impari" irrespective of female or male. correct me if im wrong

March 20, 2015


You are correct, sir.

May 11, 2015


"Vive" and "impara" are third-person conjugations (he/she), as in "Lui vive e impara". The "you" is, in fact, singular; but the correct sentence is "Tu vivi e impari".

May 11, 2015


Alanis Morissete - You learn

June 18, 2015


Does the "tu" in this sentence refer to a specific person, or does it have more of a proverbial meaning, like it would in English?

December 21, 2016


yes, the 'tu' here is like 'one' in English ('one' lives and 'one' learns).

April 19, 2017


Why is polite/plural you incorrect? ie Vivete ed imparate

December 15, 2017


If something is reported as being correct , then why doesn't Duolingo amend the answer?

October 25, 2016


They do, eventually. But it can take some time. (Imagine how many reports they must get per day). I've certainly had things changed.

April 28, 2017


I also thought vivete e imparate

February 6, 2017


I also thought vivete e imparate. Still mystified as to why this is not correct. There is no indication that it has to be in the singular

July 16, 2017


Why is Voi vivata ed imparate not acceptet?

November 30, 2018


why was "tu vivi e impari" maked wrong?

June 13, 2019


So, "abitare" means to "live in" vs. "vivere" to live"?

June 14, 2019


Astonishingly, after so many years the question, why 'vivete e imparate' shoud not be accepted as correct, remains unanswered! DL stick firmly to their policy not to respond to discussion questions, which is fair enough - requires huge amount of human resource. Nevertheless, they have already implemented several corrections I have proposed in the past, which means they do keep an eye albeit in some automated fashion. Hopefully, this one will catch their attention sooner rather than later.

PS Another curiosity - most discussions I have looked at (x100s) there are always people of/with some Italian connection, who would kindly confirm/explain peculiarities like this one - for example, perhaps this expression is a 'fixed' 2nd person singular form and no native speaker would understand it in its plular form. Anyway, you have probably worked out by this point that I vent out my frustrations by writing. Sorry.

July 2, 2019


Indeed DL why nor "vivete e(d) imparate"??

July 21, 2019


"vive e impara" reported.

August 18, 2017
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