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  5. "His name is definitely Torg."

"His name is definitely Torg."

Translation:torgh 'oHbej pongDaj'e'.

October 28, 2018



Itʻs level one and we know nothing. Just relax and memorize. The language and rules will emerge from the continued struggle. The important thing is to keep moving forward... like a Klingon.


There was no precedent when this was given.


This first Skill is intended to be a broad introduction to the language with some useful sentences to memorize. We do not expact you to learn the grammar just from these few sentences and are only able to present a tiny bit of information in the Tips and Notes for this first Skill. The next few Skills will do a much better job of introducing concepts slowly and letting you get a lot of repetition of similar sentences so you can build your own skills in a logical order. Eventually you will learn all the grammar so that you can understand exactly why this sentence means what it does.


It's really hard to learn these types of phrases, on level one, when you're given the multiple choice of 3 options, because no tooltips are available for translation. The multiple choice isn't a good option on level one IMO.


Unfortunately, the contributors have no control, or even input, over that. You might want to alert Duolingo administration or staff of your concern.

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