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  5. "bomDaj vIbom neH SoSwI'."

"bomDaj vIbom neH SoSwI'."

Translation:My mother wants me to sing her song.

October 28, 2018



bomDaj vIbom 'e' neH SoSwI'. Yes, it's meant to be a question: Is this correct? And if not, why?


neH is the only verb that doesn't require the 'e' pronoun when having another sentence as its object. If any other verb were in place of the neH it would need the 'e', but neH is an exception and so the original sentence is correct and yours is not.


Thank you for the very understandable answer. qatlho'.


When I opened my TKD today, this was literally the section (6.?) that I was starting on. So Thanks again.

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