"Ulama itu tinggal selama dua hari di sini."

Translation:That ulama stayed for two days here.

October 29, 2018

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Ulama should be translated to "teacher" or "teachers" in English. Non-Muslim English speakers would have no idea what it means.


Even Google translate doesn't know "ulama" and suggests to change language to Malay or Indonesian


...time expressions or adverbs of time (for two days) typically stays at the end of an english sentence, especially since the adverb of place 'here' is a single word: thus, the teacher stayed here for two days


Does ulama refer to a single person in Indonesian?


...same question i have, since 'ulama' is typically thought of as a group of islamic scholars


This is the worst chapter in the entire Indonesian course. Its absolutely FULL of stupid mistakes where one word is accepted for an answer then refused in the very next question. Bloody ridiculous


It is also the chapter of the course with the most funny comments. Alone for this it is already worse doing the chapter. Besides in some cultures religion is so much part of the daily life that it is important to know a certain amount of vocabulary on this subject ... actually I didn't come across as many mistakes as you. Maybe the fate goddess cut your strings already :D

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