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"ghIHmo' qach, HaSta jIH SeHwI' vISamlaHbe'."

Translation:Because the building is messy, I can't find the television remote control.

October 29, 2018



Shouldn't there be a TV in there, like: Because the building is messy, I can't find the TV remote control. I assume SeHwI' can be used as "remote controller". Or is the full HaSta jIH SeHwI' used for that?


HaSta jIH is television. The Klingon doesn't include the idea of remote, but it doesn't really need to.


By the way, HaSta means visual display, and jIH as a noun means monitor.


SeHwI' is a "controller". HaSta jIH is a "television". If you are typing the translation, it accepts it with or without "tv", but the "best" translation doesn't have it, so if you get a tile exercise, it won't have a "tv" tile.


Thinking about it a little more I decided that the best translation should include "television" and have made that change.


I still got it without the tv tile. I would suggest that without the tv the translation should not be accepted. Perhaps there was a time when 'remote' automatically meant 'tv remote' and maybe it usually does, but today I have a half dozen remotes in my living room and the Klingon specifies the tv remote.


It seems like in a week's time all of the exercises should have been updated. I don't know why you would still be getting that.


I would have thoght "the television's remote controler" would have been accepted.

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