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Tinycards Deck of All Verbs from "Genki 1" Textbook

Just made a deck with all the verbs out of the popular Genki 1 textbook, with kanji and ambiguous ru/u-verbs clarified. Enjoy!


Also, any opinions on layout? I put the kanji on the front along with the full kana spelling because I thought including one version on the back would trivialize the card. I also only include the verb-group on potentially ambiguous cases, to avoid obvious questions that would possibly replace the definition questions in the system (since it apparently does that.) Maybe someone with better knowledge of the system could comment.

Edit: fixed ねる being misspelled as れる. Thanks for the feedback!

October 29, 2018



Good job, thanks. Btw, can you mouve the speaker from english to the japanese side ?


I was gonna ask the same thing. Why not add speaker on both sides? That way ppl can learn words through "listening only".


Just double checked, there isn’t a Japanese language option in the settings :/ It’d be great if there were, though!


Woah, figured it out - Japanese option only displays on web version, mobile has incomplete, out-of-order list. Think I might file a bug report.

Turned it on, hope it's better now :)


Another thing, why don't you include the notes of verb groups within brackets near the English meaning instead of using another separate "fact box" for em? That way the Japanese word won't refer to the "u verb" instead of the actual meaning. Good work though.


So that way you get presented questions asking you specifically whether it’s an u or ru verb, without any other context - it comes at a price I think, but it’s an important aspect to learn and partly why I made the deck. Open to ideas, though - thanks for the suggestion


:O There is.... I also made Japanese cards with Japanese sounds.


Oh... If that's the case.... Then I think it's pretty much logical... Thanks :)


Hmmmmm... you think now that I've added Japanese language (thanks to your help), I could remove kana versions from front (since they get pronounced anyways?) Or would that inconvenience people?


どうもありがと, you did a great job, this'll be really helpful.

[deactivated user]

    Your deck is really good! It's really helping me.


    Grazie. Genki is what I used in middle school and I'm actually re-using the text now to re-learn.


    So it’s been about a week, how are people feeling about the deck? I’m really tempted to change or recreate with non-kanji variants on the back, because I can’t seem to stop unconsciously sneaking peeks. Thoughts?

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