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[DISCUSSION] Weekly Incubator Summary: 2018, Week 43.

October 29, 2018



Seems Arabic has made some progress!


There was even an announcement by HelpfulDuo. I think that it does mean something! :)

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I hate to be a pessimist, but I think it may have actually gone from 46% to 43% in the incubator view. It has now had the completion date pushed back by a full year, and the comment was made by HelpfulDuo not a team member. But it looks like they added about four new contributors, so maybe they will start getting something done.


Dropping percentage is OK, it just means they added some new words (and haven't added sentences for them yet). It happens all the time.

HelpfulDuo may not be on the team, but it's staff, so they probably know what they are saying.


I feel a little ungrateful because we've just had courses in Hindi, Hawaiian and Navaho launched but I would really love to see some more courses (for English speakers or French or Spanish... I'm self-centred) in the incubator.

If they're now following the model of launching a short tree and building from that, it seems things could move faster.


Just came back to Duolingo after taking a break, mostly because I've been focusing on language practice off the site. I'm definitely a little late to say it, but I'm super excited to see Hawaiian and Navajo come out of the incubator and be released into beta! I'll definitely try them both out. :)

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