i am loving the kiswahili, it is not as difficult as i feared....

October 29, 2018


Languages rarely are as difficult as one might expect.

I started Swahili, but I'm afraid I became far more interested in German and Spanish. Haven't given up on it, though. I'm curious, why are you learning Portuguese?

I would like to travel to Mozambique and Portuguese is their main language. you are really interested in so many languages?

I've always been verbally mother use to say I talk alot....LOL!!! But, I love words, both spoken and written. Tell you what, though, Russian is going to be my Waterloo!

The thing I like about it is how straightforward the word pronunciations are. That's how it is so far, I don't know if it'll get harder later.

Yes, languages have evolved so that toddlers can learn them, as toddlers have evolved to learn quite complex grammars.

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