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Is there a way to move multiple students from one class to a newly created calss?

October 29, 2018



Hi Ryan. Sadly there are several features that any educational website has, but the Duolingo for Schools system doesn't have yet. Transferring students from one class to another is one of those features that we don't yet have, sadly. Hopefully the Duolingo staff will add this much-asked-for feature soon. It also isn't yet possible to:

  • share a classroom between teachers
  • transfer the class as a whole to another teacher
  • import students using a CSV file
  • assign revision tasks for particular skills
  • etc etc

It's early(ish) days for the Duolingo for Schools system, and there's a lot of stuff that a teacher needs that hasn't been implemented yet. Hopefully the software developers are aware that these are basic features that teachers expect.


Currently, there isn't a way to do a bulk transfer of students to a new classroom.

I would recommend providing the students with your classroom code, so they can enter through their account settings.

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