"Podíval se na své ruce."

Translation:He took a look at his hands.

October 29, 2018

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Why not He looked at his hands? Může mi někdo vysvětlit, kdy se používá spojení took a look? Děkuji.


Když chceme zdůraznit, že se na ně jen "podíval" (dokonavý vid) místo toho, že se na ně "díval" (nedokonavý vid) delší dobu. Ze samotného "he looked" to není poznat.


I'm having trouble divining a difference in meaning in English between "He took a look at his hands" which is accepted and "He looked at his hands" which isn't. In terms of tense or ongoing activity I can't see any difference between those two sentences in English. Each of them is an event that happened once. He took a look perhaps implies a quicker glance, but then it doesn't accept "He glanced at his hands" either.


"He looked at his hands." is accepted. Use the report button to report missing translations, but first double-check or triple-check your answer for obvious typos, missing or duplicated words and similar. It happens all the time.


Would "... at his hand" be "... na svou ruku"?


Would "was looking" at his hands also be correct? I'm on the phone version so can't check


No. That would be: "Díval se na své ruce."

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