"He lā nani kēia lā."

Translation:Today is a beautiful day.

October 29, 2018

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What is the difference in Hawaiian between "It's a beautiful day today" and "Today is a beautiful day"? Would it change the order of the sentence? Mahalo!


They both mean the same thing really, but they are trying to teach word order. Compare these two -

"It's a beautiful day today" - He lā nani ia i kēia lā.

He lā nani - A beautiful day / ia -it / i kēia lā. - today

"Today is a beautiful day" - He lā nani kēia lā.

He lā nani - A beautiful day / kēia lā. - today


Yeah if you translate from English to Hawaiian it makes sense, same as Māori word order is important, but that is not the case in English to these extremes, so I don't get why I would have to learn this one phrase in English when I learn Hawaiian. This day today is beautiful. Today is a beautiful day. Same thing in English, I get it's not in Hawaiian, but I'm here for learning Hawaiian as an English speaker not the other way around.


I've only ever heard "beautiful day" in English.


Maybe it is a regional difference? Both "pretty day" and "beautiful day" sound good to me. :)


wen i talk about da land it's beautiful wen i talk about women she's pretty


I typed "this day is pretty" and it did not accept.


You have to account for all the words - This day is a pretty day. would be correct. This day is pretty. would be Nani kēia lā.


I sort of thought "lovely day" sounded best. Not that I ever use that word in real life.


They Dou dudes need to understand that on these islands you no have talk da'kine... perfect talk.... the computer pro. Needs a serious tune up specially as a pay customer .....

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