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  5. "Your brother drinks water."


"Your brother drinks water."

April 2, 2013



Why does inserting the definite article make the sentence incorrect? Il tuo fratello beve acqua.


Careful with family members, the rules are a bit different...

NO definite article (the) in front of possessive adjective (your, my, his) = singular family members

  • Mia madre cucina (my mother cooks)
  • Vostra zia è allo zoo (your aunt is at the zoo)
  • Suo fratello beve acqua (his brother drinks water)

Definite article + possessive adjective = plural family members or modified or with loro

  • Loro sono i miei fratelli (they are my brothers)
  • Mangiamo con le mie sorelle (we eat with my sisters)
  • Lei è la mia sorella più grande (she is my older sister)
  • La loro madre è alta (their mother is tall)


I made the same mistake. Thanks for the grammar point.

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