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"A great warrior is always ready to fight!"

Translation:reH Suvrup SuvwI''a'!

October 30, 2018



I am confused. I can't find the translation I would use reH Suvrup Suvwi''a' , and I would translate the "correct" solution as to defeat the enemies, prepare to fight alone. Which I can't think as a valid translation.


Thanks for pointing that out. That exercise used to be a listing of Replacement Proverbs, but it was too confusing, so I turned it into a straight translation and failed to delete all the alternative Replacement Proverbs.
jagh DajeymeH, nIteb yISuvrup


I just submitted reH Suvrup SuvwI' Dun and although accepted, the system claimed there was a typo with this message:

You have a typo.
reH Suvrup SuvwI Dun!

However this message lacked the qaghwI' on SuvwI'


This time it was not a software error, but rather an entry error. It has been fixed in the database, but it could take a week or two for the proper spelling to show up in the course.

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