What is the difference between lille and små


Sometimes I get questions about small ants and other small things.

Sometimes the right answer is "lille", "liten" and sometimes it's "små". If I use "små" instead of "lille", duolingo counts the answer as wrong.

So I guess that there is a rule, but for now I did not get it. Is there someone here that could explain it to me?


October 30, 2018


Okayyyy, now that I have access to lessons (not available on my phone), I get it.

There is a special section about this case in the lesson:


The adjective liten meaning little or small is the most highly irregular adjective in the Norwegian language. Take a look at how it declines. Commit this table to memory, because as in English, the word small is used a lot.

en liten stol => a small chair den lille stolen => the small chair

Feminine ei lita bok => a small book den lille boka => the small book

Neuter et lite bord => a small table det lille bordet => the small table

Plural små hus => small houses de små husene => the small houses

Pay special attention to context, and in time, these adjective endings become second nature.

October 30, 2018

Also it changes with bestempt form.

Ubestemt- bestemt

Hankjønn=== en liten bok _den lille gutten

Hunkjøn ====ei lita bok __den lille jenta

Intetkjøn==== et lite hus __det lille huset

Flertall =====små gutter __de små husene

November 1, 2018
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