"Korek di hutan di musim kemarau."

Translation:A match in the forest in the dry season.

October 30, 2018

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The English translation makes no sense as it stands - probably needs context and/or explanation


Is this an Indonesian saying and therefore it has to be a match, or can "korek" be "lighter" here too?

Not sure if "A lighter in the forest in the dry season" would be like saying "A bull in a porcelain shop".


"korek" ==> should actually be ==> "korek api".
It's that kind of "match" (a lighter).


Korek is mainly used for "to dig". Korek for "match" or "lighter" is the secondary meaning. Should've used "korek api" for clarity.

Alternatively, just change the translation to "Dig in the forest in the dry season" (still weird though).


Why is my answer "A match in a forest in a dry season" wrong?


Probably because it's a set phrase for a time of year (April to October). But if you wanted to render your answer in Indonesian (speaking of dry seasons in general), I don't know how you would say it differently. So you might want to report it if you run into it again.


This really needs to be specified. I thought of something matching to be found in the forest, then of a football match... the match to light a fire was really not on my mind...

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