"He like watermelon."

Translation:Chʼééhjiyáán bił yáʼátʼééh.

October 30, 2018

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There really should be discussion of grammar and word order.


I gave an explanation of bił yáʼátʼééh here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32991832


It should be " likes"


Lucy. Did you report it?


I don't know about Lucy, but I have just reported it.


Reported 2021-07-20


Also reported 2021_09_21


I am grateful for this gift of Navajo language. I get confused when I type something using my Navajo font keyboard. The sentence gets marked as having typos. Yet, it looks identical to the answer. Thank you for clarity.

[deactivated user]

    it's messed up and embarrassing that duolingo does not correct mistakes, even in majority lanugages like spanish, with hundreds of correction comments, even years later. #noadultsintheroom


    I understand that most of these courses are volunteer-built, and I'm not mad at volunteers for contributing their unpaid time and effort to an often unappreciative internet, but I am disappointed in how the paid portion of the company fails to set their volunteers up for success, just kinda tossing their content out there without quality control.

    They have money enough hire marketing to buy ads and run social media campaigns, do artwork refreshes every year or so (including animations now), data scientists to constantly collect and study usage analytics, and coders to churn out updates based on that, but they can't afford to even contract some proofreaders, or have a few language editors whose job it is to verify that a course provides enough teaching material?

    Or at least a checklist for course builders to make sure they include basic syntax, basic parts of speech, pronouns, basic regular verb conjugation, pronunciation, and basic sentence construction--and don't let the course out into public until it meets those basic requirements?


    There's a special apostrophe?


    Yes, the "curly" apostrophe rather than the usual straight one used in English: ʼ vs ' .


    How do you type a curly apostrophe? My keyboard only seems to have the straight one (Samsung Galaxy default keyboard).


    They dont even give us a person pronouncing it, that makes it increaldbly hard for someone my age.


    What does "bil" mean?


    Bił means "with him/her." (Likewise "shił" means "with me," and "nił" means "with you.")

    "Bił yáʼátʼééh" literally means "it is good with him/her," in other words, (s)he likes it.


    There was no option to report this problem, but I cannot type this on my iPhone AND have it accepted by Duolingo. Even with the diacritics, Duolingo tells me there's a typo.


    Are you using the special apostrophe? It's not ' but ʼ.


    My phone shows 4 apostrophes and I'm not sure which one is the special one. Two of them are angled like an acute accent.


    I'm giving you a lingot along with my upvote because I hate seeing downvotes on perfectly reasonable comments. And cause I appreciate learning that new word, "diacritics".


    I was able to download a free Navaho keyboard from APKpure.com


    Jesus, that is alot of apostrophes.


    Hahaha! That was pretty funny, Dakaiser! I can't put any Emojis but if i could i would put 100 of those happy tear emojis!

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