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  5. "My mother is eating spinach."

"My mother is eating spinach."

Translation:Shimá waaʼ yį́yą́.

October 30, 2018



My phone does not offer that keyboard option/s


i REALLy want to learn this but the keyboard with proper symbols is not available. wish it was more forgiving so i could advance in my lessons! thank you for changing it. while accents are important so is speaking the language and advancing in lessons


It accepts: shimá waa' yiyą'


That is no longer accepted. I tried it, triple checked all the accent marks, and it's a no-go. I've tried multiple yiyas. Yiyą. Yíyą. Yįyą. Etc.


Are you putting the glottal stop at the end of waaʼ?


I included the glottal stop; the only difference between my answer and duolingo's was the nasalization.


You nailed the problem Lalola. Placing the apostrophe aftrr typing the word eith no accent marks.


For me, if I use my keyboard for the accents, it doesn't recognize them properly. If I use the buttons they offer then it sees my answers as a match. Some of the marks are hard for me to see on the screen, especially the little hooks underneath the letters. I need to learn to watch out for those more. Has anyone found a good reference for how the accents should be pronounced? The notations are new to me.


The hooks mean nasalize the vowel. The accents mean it's a high tone (Navajo is a tonal language, with two tones).


thank you so much!


My phone dosen't allow me to do the hook on the nasalized vowels, so it's always marking them incorrect. How do I add the hook to the vowels?


My phone technically cant type the symbol for the A. The closest i can get is á ą.


What is going on with this. I cannot level upto 5 on nearly all assignments with a few as an exception. Moving on. Bye


I cannot put the correct mark under the a.


Why is that there is no longer the audio?


This is a frustration for us also. The program is hampering our pronunciation.


Yá'át'ééh! Here is a tip for everone who doesn't have an "i" and an "a" with a dash and a hook. Instead of typing yiya with a dash and a hook on the i and a type, yí'yá. Duolingo will say that you have a typo but you got it correct. It worked for me so hopefully it will work for you!

<pre> -Kashmira Newman </pre>


Cant put the correct accents!!!


I am typing it in right but it says it's wrong


I keep getting an incorrect because i do not have or can not find the accecent letters


I was told waa' is a typo.


Yáʼátʼééh! This course uses a different apostrophe, so it is written waaʼ instead of waa'. The only way I can use this is with Multiling Keyboard for Android.

I hope it helps. :)


what about for iphone?


But note that they use ą with acute instead of á with hook for letter ą́. Itʼs quite a pain!


Aooʼ! It seems that all the vowels have the same problem:

ą ą́ / ę ę́ / į į́ / ǫ ǫ́ / (the vowel o + ̨ is also a problem because I cannot see it on the tablet pc, and just disappears when I type the nasal mark!)

I use the configuration to write firstly the acute accent, then the vowel, and after that I add the hook. And without the acute accent, I put first the hook, and then the vowel. So, it is near the same as I have typed the accents with the Spanish keyboard (first the accent ˊor the "diéresis" to write: á, é, í, ó, ú ü) since many years ago, but now adding the two marks when necessary.


For android try looking up (diné/engkeyboard) although it isnt free they offer a thirty day trail For iPhone try (navajo keyboard diné bizaad) Hope this helps


I can't type the accents it is not in my keyboard


All the ones i've gotten wrong, i actually got right... just my phone doesnt have the gloddle tones į or í on the same letter. Its so frustrating.


I've put the answer in seven times and it keeps showing the correct answer as incorrect


My keyboard wont let me have these accent


It accepted Shima waa' yiya'


I don't have the i or a eith thr little hook on my keyboard.


Yi'ya' passes the vibe check

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