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  5. "Our blood is blue, not red."

"Our blood is blue, not red."

Translation:Darah kami biru, bukan merah.

October 30, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I'm confused about why this is "bukan" rather than "tidak", since "merah" is an adjective


    Would be awesome if someone actually answered....


    Chirp Chirp Chirp - I love this course but nobody gives a sh*t about the questions...


    sorry for late reply, but basically it is wrong. The course does have some errors. Assuming my Indonesian teachers at my school are correct (I am doing duo lingo onto of school to help with yr 12).

    It should be "tidak" as "bukan" is the word "not" exclusively when comparing two nouns. eg, "pena, bukan pensil", whereas tidak can mean "not" any literally any other circumstance, "warnanya tidak merah", "saya tidak suka wajah saya", "kamu tidak gemuk", dll.


    Thanks for your answer, I also hope some else can confirm this information :)


    Are we octopuses?

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